About us

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” ~ Hippocrates Aimon Kopera MD
For over than 30 years, Aimon has worked throughout the world in the field of health and wellness. Dr. Aimon has traveled around the globe conducting research with some of the world’s most renowned masters and teachers while studying the latest in medical technology and innovation. Qi Mountain is the physical manifestation of this global work and Dr. Aimon’s unique vision for a more unified approach to preventive and restorative health. It is the embodiment of East and West, ancient practices and modern technology.

Dr.Aimon Kopera began her own journey after graduating from the prestigious Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand with her degree in medical science and nursing. Soon after graduation she was honored to accept a position with the United Nations and the Office of Emergency Relief for Refugees. There she worked at the literal “front line” of medicine on the Thai-Cambodian border, a region then ravaged by the Khmer Rouge and widespread civil war. As an administrator and coordinator of a major, forward-operating hospital, she saw hundreds of patients, was responsible for diagnoses and treatments, the organization and direction of triage, and the training of medical personnel. Even here, in a region torn apart by war and political divisiveness, Dr. Aimon realized the limitless possibilities of health and wellness, and the ultimate hope and well- being it could provide, along with the emotional and physical balance necessary to all life.

Dr. Aimon has since gone on to obtain her further education in the United States. She holds a doctor of medicine degree and serves as an internationally recognized president and founder of Qi Mountain, president and co-founder of the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention, and managing partner of DYO Biotechnology. As an expert Tai Chi Qigong and other Asian contemplative practices, Dr. Aimon understands both the strengths and shortcomings of modern medicine. She recognized and witnessed first hand the imbalances pervasive in much of modern medicine through her ongoing work in hospitals around the nation. “I quickly saw how much medicine in this country focused only on solving health problems once they appeared,” Aimon says. “It also dealt very little with the mental and physical balance of the body as it related to prevention.”

In 2013, Qi Mountain was reinvented as a result of a joint venture with the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention. Focusing on preventive health and wellness research, she serves as a principal investigator, protocol development, and nutritional assays. Her research focus is based on her knowledge of Western medicine, Eastern Practice, and the importance of “Qi” or “Life Force” and the vital force that life carries.

For all her work and innovation, she has been honored to receive awards from the National Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce who named her the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and the area’s Best and Brightest. She earned her Doctor of Medicine Degree from American Global University School of Medicine.